• Wednesday, March 27, 2024

# Huge Update To Our Services

## Quick Note
We have some important announcements to share regarding the future of our services and upcoming upgrades to our hosting platform. These changes will enhance our ability to offer superior products and services at more competitive prices while offer more enhanced and inline support for everyone

# - Game Servers

## Free Services
We recognize that many have enjoyed our free services for nearly a year, and we've strived to maintain our high quality standards throughout. Unfortunately, due to economical troubles to sustain these standards, we've made the decision to discontinue our free services permanently. We understand this may pose challenges for some of you.

However, we're committed to working with those currently on free plans. We offer options to either upgrade to a lower-cost plan or explore potential partnerships to support your server's continued growth. Alternatively, we can guide you through the process of backing up your server to your computer for safekeeping. You can open a ticket if you wish to seek out these options.

Instead of the free plan, we'll be providing a complimentary 15-day trial for you to experience our new services firsthand.

### End of Free Service Orders: Today
### Free Service Data Removal: April 4th

## Paid Game Servers
Enhancements to our hardware have been implemented for our game server users. We are gearing up to transition all paid game services to the new and improved infrastructure for enhanced performance benefits and more. Additionally, we will reintroduce many of our favorite features to our game panel, making server setup and management simpler and more intuitive than ever before at no extra cost.

### Migration of Paid Game Servers Begins - March 27

## New Simplified Plan Layout
We've turned over a new leaf with revised plans. We've streamlined our offerings into a single customizable plan, allowing you to tailor it to your needs. Our new game server package starts with 8GB of RAM and 30GB of storage, all for just $13.76

# - Virtual Private Servers
## Migration Of VPS Servers
We're also in the process of migrating our VPS services to our upgraded systems for improved infrastructure and handling capacity.

### Migration of VPS Servers Begins - March 27

## Plan Migration and Pricing Update
We've also simplified our pricing structure for all VPS servers by offering a single customizable plan. Starting at 2GB of RAM and 15GB NVMe SSD for $4.50, this new plan aims to streamline your experience. We'll be transitioning our VPS users to this new plan, replacing their current ones. If this results in a price increase or decrease for your plan, we'll reach out to you, giving you the option to upgrade as desired.

# - The Company
Exciting updates are underway for our branding and marketing efforts, including a redesigned website, updated name, and more. Stay tuned for further details as they become available.

# Thanks to everyone for everything you have done @everyone